Insta GC GPT Site #Advertisement

This page includes referral links. The site listed cannot be guaranteed. Offers and surveys may not be available for international members. 

InstaGC is a GPT that allows international members. Though offers may not be available in some parts of the world, members can always refer other members. InstaGC has gift card payment options that process instantly. Additionally, the first PayPal payment of each month has a $1 minimum and after that, payments have a $1.20 minimum with a $0.20 fee. InstaGC has a variety of offer walls that include  surveys. 

InstaGC offers instant payments once you have accrued the minimum balance to request a gift card or payment. Click here to join InstaGC

 Lootup.Me -- Gift Card and PayPal Payment Options
 DollarClix -- Low $1 Minimum Payments
 PaidRef -- New GPT Website. $1 Payout Minimum.
 Offer Nation -- Instant Payments and Low $1 Minimum
 InstaGC -- Earn Gift Cards and Cash