Bitcoin GPT Sites #Advertisement

Some GPT ("get paid to") and paid surveys offer payments by Bitcoin when members complete offers & surveys. This page contains referral links. These sites cannot be guaranteed. Offers and membership may not be available outside of the USA. 

1. Lootup.Me. Get paid to watch videos, complete surveys & offers.

2. InstaGC. Bitcoin Payment Option. Low payout minimum. 

3. Free Cash. BTC Wallet or Coinbase. $5 Payout Minimum


4. Gain.GG. BTC Wallet or Coinbase. $25 Payout Minimum. 

5. Instant Rewards. Coinbase. $25 Payout Minimum. 

6. One Day Rewards. BTC Wallet. Low $0.50 Minimum Payout. 

7. Cointiply. Earn Bitcoin Online.  

Earn Free Bitcoin

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 Lootup.Me -- Gift Card and PayPal Payment Options
 DollarClix -- Low $1 Minimum Payments
 Think Opinion -- Paid Surveys and Offer Walls
 Offer Nation -- Instant Payments and Low $1 Minimum
 Free Cash -- Earn Online Offers & Surveys