Can Manchester United Repeat Their Success This Year

Can Manchester United repeat the success this year after an unexpected victory for the last time? Many people think they can become a favorite. He strengthened his team by recruiting Oven Hargrieves from Munich's Bayern and Nannie and Anderson, and now he has also hired Carlos Tavage from West Ham. In the pre-season it looked good and will be there or there.

Chelsea could again be their biggest competitor, although Liverpool would have to say Arsenal and Spurs. Chelsea would like to withdraw last season's championship, but again they are more interested in the Champions League. No club has won the Champions League in London, and Chelsea would love to break that unwanted record.

On paper, Arsenal didn't look strong as Henry went to Barcelona and rumors continued that the coach himself might be outside Arsenal's Wenger club. Don't win trophies on paper. I think Arsenal will confuse critics and deliver a strong performance this year. His new players will be big and sensible, and whoever writes them can stand on dangerous ground.

Liverpool have not won the league for an incredible 18 years. In the past, they won it regularly than everyone else. Despite the Champions League final in the last three seasons, fans of the English Premier League are eager to win. This time he also spent a lot of ยูฟ่าเบท money on his new American bosses, £ 22 million just for Torres from the Atletico in Madrid. Whether this is really the last panoramic piece or even important remains to be seen. Some coaches of the Spanish national team have had some success, such as Morintes, who is now returning to La Liga, and Torres will be under pressure. He will do so, but only if there is enough time. Bellamy storms went from West Ham and Sissi to Marseille. Last year, Liverpool won the league and I was wrong. They can do it this time, but to do so they will have to bypass Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United.

Like the previous two seasons, Tottenham are likely to make it into the top four. He has spent the whole young Welsh with Southampton's Garette Bell and possibly £ 16.5 million over Charleston striker Darren Bent. Wherever Darren has scored and is now on a better team like Tottenham, he is expected to score more points, although getting a good start is another matter. Tottenham has four more strikers, and Martin Guls has shown that he likes to spin his players. Tottenham's call to sign and promote local talent, which is a direct change in Arsenal's policy across the street, is commendable. They can improve and get into the top four, but to do so, one of the biggest clubs will have to face a bad season.

what about the others Newcastle also has a new owner, a new chairman and new manager, Sam Allardius, as well as some delicious new players. He has signed former Middlesbrough striker Mark Viduk if he has a suitable Michael Ovens again, as well as the tumultuous Burton signature from Manchester City and Alan Smith from Manchester United. The driver quickly tried to quickly rectify the leaked rescue; There is something that has led him to a melody that most of us can remember. The view of Tyneside is huge. A very important season for coaches and many players at a crossroads. I hope he succeeds.

Manchester City is another club with new ownership and management. Former English coach Sven Goran Erikson has taken over and is now looking for some great players to build a great team with a lot of Thai money invested. He quickly bought the Scatterganj style over relatively unknown players, but the coach has proven achievements at the club level. He will also need it because City Squad still looks light and weak. It will all depend on Sven's purchase. If he can get good people, the city will definitely stay awake and he can get better. If he can't, the city could face difficulties, and Sven could turn into a miracle during England's football season. I don't think so, because Sven is a good manager.

Aston Villa began spending cash on its new American owners. England's under-21-year-old captain Reo-Cocker has been hired by West Ham for £ 8 million, although he will need more if he has to worry about the best teams. Martin O'Neill's team started the fire last season, but survived. Villa fans hope for the best, but I don't see what they have behind the middle table.

Everton had a great season and qualifiers last year for the UEFA Cup this year, but they seemed distracted when they last reached Europe and they had a terrible year. I will not allow David Moyes to do it again.