Why An Online Quran Reading Is A Wonderful Service For Muslims

The Islamic online store is a great service for Muslims around the world. Its purpose is to provide a wide variety of articles that benefit the Muslim Brotherhood. It also provides special gifts for various religiously significant days in the Islamic calendar, such as Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, Hajj and Umrah. You can easily order gifts for loved ones to celebrate religious holidays.

Books are man's best friend. No one can deny the importance of religious books that enlighten the mind. An online Islamic store that allows anyone of any age and interest to easily find what they are looking for. Noble Quran, interpretation of hadith books, prophetic stories that adults and children love are available in all Islamic shops. DVDs based on Noble Quran stories are also presented here; Messages sent in this way are also far-reaching and effective. All you have to do is search the web and put it in an application.

In the Islamic store you will find built-in alarms for ears and notes, as well as Islamic calendars and clocks, which can be a great gift for people settling in a non-Muslim country where they can easily have any Islamic meaning. You will be able to follow the activity. You can order these items online at home.

Muslim sisters in the Islamic online store can find the latest clothing, scarves, perfumes and jewelry. Some oil extracts have also been declared, such as calendon (black seeds) and olives (olives), whose healing and therapeutic significance has been largely determined by the Holy Prophet. If you wish, you can also order the Learnd Quran Online for mobile phones and enjoy reciting the Holy Quran every day; From the Islamic shop you can also get prayer rugs and strange carved platforms for the Bible.

By using an online Islamic store, you will simply hand over all your responsibilities to it. Leaving the comforts of your home, wandering around, searching for the right place and then finding a suitable item, all you have to do is sit in the net and complete the mission within a few days. The Islamic shop that serves you online is an exception around the clock for people living in a non-Muslim country, and through this door this shop will send, ship and ship important goods. Sometimes very attractive offers are announced, such as discounts or gift packages for special occasions, so that you can order bulk goods and later use these gifts at a time convenient for you.

Therefore, with the exception of zakat, charity is equally important. Although zakat is a form of worship, it must be practiced by those who are able to pay zakat. Donation is not obligatory, but if it is granted, it is "philanthropy" in the sense that it loves Almighty God.

"God will experience fruitfulness with every blessing, but will increase the works of charity: He does not love ungrateful and evil creatures" (Surat al-Bakra) (Quran online).

The purpose of humanity in this world is to serve society and help other beings from God, regardless of their worship. When people are helped without expecting a reward, God appreciates it, and they have a great reward for those who wear shoes. In the noble Qur'an he said:

"There is nothing good about most of their secret hadiths: but if any of them are preparing for charity, justice or human harmony (secrecy is allowed): those who do are asking for God's approval. Will we soon give a greater reward (Surat al-Nisa ).

This verse means that if you are doing something good, you should avoid showing it, because that goodness dies and touches the whole action.

"The increase in the wealth of others (others) that you offer will not increase with God: but what you give to charity, you want (increase) for God: they are doubled. They will be rewarded." (Surat al-Ghora)

Charity work blesses a person's wealth, and, as the verse says, if it is done to gain a face, God compensates the Almighty with a double return.