Preventing Weeds - An Effective Way To Survive Battle In The Garden

Perhaps the worst enemy of your lawn is weeds. Keeping the lawn free of weeds is difficult. Most people have struggled to protect their plants from this weed, even if they are expert gardeners, these invaders cannot be easily eradicated and complete repression is not possible. However, planning your activities can help you succeed against these unwanted plants. But first you need to understand how it works and what weeds you are dealing with.

Weeds are said to be infested plants, or more often weeds are undesirable, and most weeds are everywhere. In gardening, weeds are completely natural and, like other plants, they need water, sunlight and food to survive (so they can be found in your garden). Weed seeds spread in the air, which means they can be carried by humans, animals, insects and even water. Even weeders can catch seeds, as a result of which your lawn can become vulnerable to weeds. Another thing is that weeds can be perennial or annual.

The selection and planning of preventive actions is based on determining weeds and their life cycle. Both are important because there are lawn weed identification guide that die naturally at the end of the season or down weeds that grow in your garden, you can tell if they are harmful or poisonous. Dandelions, plantain, crabs, piers, English chrysanthemum, ivy, moss, henbites, eucalyptus and yellow hazelnuts are the most common plants.

Here are some tips to help you avoid growing weeds on your lawn:

Find good soil and plant it. Plants prefer fertile, less compact soil, and weeds do not grow as often. In turn, poor, compact soils, such as weeds. Some of them may be suitable for growing in moist soil or others in dry soil. Regardless of the soil, you can increase your garden area in exchange for goodness and moderate help.

Freeze often. Pruning weeds will help prevent them from growing, but mowing can also catch seeds.

Mowing at the right height. Keeping the lawn at the lowest height will be due to the sudden growth and weeding of weed seeds that they receive in sunlight. High lawn weeds from the sun, and sudden growth is prevented.

After performing these steps, the weeds continue to grow, here are some additional tricks to work with.

Evaluate and correct. Although your lawn is healthy and the weeds are still growing, other potential gardening factors are eliminated.

Pulling weeds. Manual weeding is effective, but you must ensure that the weed root is completely removed so that it does not regenerate.

Choose weed pests. Herbicides are a good choice, but they should not be taken lightly because of the risks to environmental safety and toxicity. Weeds need to be properly identified, labels read, asked questions and careful if you decide to proceed.

Seek professional help. It may be helpful to consult a lawn care company. Consider what the activists are saying. The company will not stop you from taking medicines without prior consultation, which may spread weeds.

Lawn repair. Maybe it's time to change the lawn and start over.

Weed cultivation is still a major human problem, bearing in mind that the above tricks will help prevent weeds from growing on the lawn.