Usage Of GXP1625 Phone Is Increasing Day By Day Due To Quality

One of the many benefits of OnSIP is the ability to bring your own device (BYOD). Our customers can purchase phones according to their business requirements, and thanks to this feature, our service currently uses more than 500 supported phone models.

There must be problems with the mix of these devices.

One of the problems that often appears in our testing lab is the transfer of records to Grandstream GXP1625 Phone  phones. (This turned out to be a popular topic on YouTube!)

Transferring Calls to the Grandstream GXP1625

Grandstream has developed a different philosophy of transport performance that it produces on its own equipment. As Eric explains in this video, forwarding calls is a three-step process:

Hold original call (call you want to divert)

Make a separate call to the transfer destination using the phone's second line

Transfer an initial call from line 1 to line 2

While it may be difficult to increase attendance at first, it becomes easy to find out what you need to do.

And remember, this call forwarding process applies to the entire GXP1625 Phone line, not just the GXP1610 shown in the video.

With Onsip, You Can Use Grandstream Phones

We built an OnSIP platform based on open source technology and following strict SFC RFC standards. Any IP phone built to these standards will work seamlessly with our service.

Cloud communication systems are the future. BT has announced that both ISDN and PSTN (traditional telephone lines) will be phased out by 2025 and new reports indicate that they will stop trading this year but there will be no other options soon. Having better sound quality at a lower price than traditional phone lines would be an easy decision to switch, even if traditional methods are not eliminated.

With a VoIP service provider like, you can start using the Internet to make calls without a new device. Just download our smartphone or desktop and sign up for a free trial to get started right away.

However, if you want to use a special device to make internet calls, you will need to configure your desktop VoIP phone. For a complete guide on how to do this, watch the video in this article. We use the Grandstream GXP1625 here, but the configuration is very similar, regardless of your make and model, so here's a detailed step-by-step overview and see the Model FAQ for any information Take it.

1) Unlock the device by connecting the phone to the telephone port on the back of the console using a coil cable.

2) Connect the IP phone to the Ethernet port using an Ethernet cable. Make sure the cable is connected to the LAN port on the back of the device, not the computer port.

3) If your device supports PoE, you will not need a power cable.

4) When the machine is connected and connected to your network, specify its IP address through the interface.

5) Enter the IP address in the search bar of any browser and log in. Credentials are usually a simple thing like "user: admin, password: admin", but check the documentation or the brand's website. Our FAQ can help.

6) Go to your VoIP provider to find out your SIP username and SIP password.

7) Enter it in the appropriate field (for details see here, sorted by brand).

8) If not already, make sure your new VoIP device can receive calls using the call forwarding feature of your VoIP provider.

The Grandstream GXP1620 / GXP1625 IP Phone is especially designed for small and medium businesses. Cost-effective and feature-rich, these phones support multiple SIP accounts / call display, HD audio, conference calling, PoE (power over Ethernet) and Grandstream GXP1625 dual-line VoIP. The Grandstream GXP1625 is a two line VoIP phone with a 132x48 pixel backlit graphic LCD and up to two ringtones. The GXP1625 offers high definition audio and echo cancellation. Grandstream GXP1625 Dual Line VoIP Review The Grandstream GXP1625 has two ring tones that work with two SIP accounts. Grandstream GXP1625 (POE) Small Business HD IP The Grandstream GXP1625 is a dual line VoIP phone with a 132 x 48 pixel backlit graphic display and up to two ring calls. The GXP1625 offers high definition audio and echo cancellation. Standard IP Phone - Grandstream GXP1620. The Grandstream GXP1620 is another IP phone in the Grandstream series.