Bitcoin Evolution 2018 - How To Trade Bitcoin

Last year was a great bitcoin, winning $ 20,000 to $ 966 before the rally began. Even after a few days of ups and downs, bitcoin has surpassed all other asset classes by a huge margin. Now the big question on everyone's mind is what will happen in Bitcoin Evolution 2018 and how should bitcoins be traded?

Experts, they think, are different. The attacking bull scored over $ 60,000 in 2018. That's 300% more than the current level. On the other hand, skeptics continue to question the value of cryptocurrencies, calling them bubbles.

Although expectations give us different views, they are difficult to exchange. Therefore, we have tried to sketch some unique models in repetitive diagrams in 2017. Traders can use them as guidelines to develop an appropriate strategy for 2018.

In all other cases, the moving average touched or fell below it during the day, but recovered quickly. Therefore, buying close to the 50-day moving average offers a lower risk option. Buy the 50-day moving average and keep the loss below it.

EMA decline for 200 days as a long-term entry option

Bitcoin 20 times higher in 2017 offered low-risk entry opportunities for long-term traders. Since October 2015, it has not traded below the 200-day exponentially moving average, which is significant support.

In 2017, when the crypto currency was broken below the 50-day SMA, it reached a staggering 200-day EMA. This proved to be a great buying opportunity for long-term investors. Even next autumn, moving to the 200-day average should be seen as an option.

During the main adjustment, the price will definitely not fall at the 200-day EMA level. For example, on 12 January, it was 6.5% above the 200-day moving average. Also on March 25, it was almost 2.5 percent higher than the 200-day moving average. On July 16, it was 10.7 percent higher than the 200-day moving average.

Some people expect extreme volatility in Bitcoin Evolution 2018. Saxo Bank's horrific forecast lists a possible rally of $ 60,000, followed by a drop of $ 1,000. Encrypted businessman Julian Hoss also estimates that bitcoin will fall to $ 5,000, but he also believes it will affect $ 60,000. He is not sure which level to reach first.

While not perfect, merchants can begin the buying process with about 15 percent over 200 days of EMA, with minimal overlap of purchase orders.

How do we calculate how much EMA exceeds the 200-day price?

Although there are no specific indications, we can use a "value oscillator" (PPO) to change its values ​​wisely. The WTO provides the percentage difference between two exponentially moving averages. Therefore, if we have to denote a price distance of 200 EMA, we can enter 1200 values ​​that will give us the desired result.

What happens if bitcoin falls within a 200-day EMA?

If the average price of a long-term variable breaks down, it is a warning sign that things have changed. Indicates that bitcoin is either entering a long-term downturn or operating within a certain range that requires a different trading strategy.

In trade, profits are made by buying and selling at the right time. Although we have identified a low-risk buying strategy, we have not yet confirmed the best selling time. Let's look at it.

The best place to sell

There was no indication that the top would indicate stable sales. But it was noted that the simple trend line works perfectly. As shown above, while the break and closer to the bottom of the trend line didn't lift you from the vertical position at the top, it certainly helped you get the most out of the benefits.

How to deal with bitcoin trading in 2018?

Indicators and trend lines are easy to define and are appropriate once the chart has been created Bitcoin Evolution 2018. This is not easy to do even in live markets. In general, changes in crypto currency prices are almost impossible to predict for the whole of next year, as the index is still small, creating a repeated pattern of price behavior. Try to avoid prolonged pregnancy. Happy trade.