The Final Declaration



With, obedient reverence to Supreme God, in Truth and Spirit,
I, Prince Michael of The House of David, issue this Final Declaration.

On May 24, 2008, Year of Our Lord, The House of David declared War
upon the power-that-be, both seen and unseen, in America.
Issued in response, to the careless and wicked betrayal of both,
the Judeo-Christian precepts upon which America was founded,
and also its citizenry.

The United States of America, whose divinely-inspired Constitution
and Principles secured unimagined Progress and Prosperity, has in the
twentieth and twenty-first century continually and aggressively embraced
agendas which willfully forsake the most merciful and benevolent
Supreme God.

As with all empires of history, goods, services, and Industry as a whole,
must be properly maintained and utilized, thus, providing a firm Economic
infrastructure for a nation, 
Still, the once greatly-blessed America has consistently abandoned
not only its national sense of Decency, Morality, and Righteousness,
it has surrendered the sanctity of Life, and hence, its Creator, Supreme God.
All, in disastrous homage to its new god, the Golden Calf of unrestrained,
out-of-control, Capitalism.  While, corrupt, special-interest serving Politicians,
"Law-Makers" and "Judges", craftily and cunningly circumvent all that is
Fair and Just, to serve, above all, their master "Corporate America".
Effectively altering the precious words of "We, The People" to Damn, The People.

Public offices, once in vital service to The People, now reduced to mere
indentured servants to business and special-interest groups, with corrupt politicians,
only loyal to covert and often, perverse agendas.  Hence, cementing a government
that dictates the wants and needs of greed fueled benefactors, upon its citizens,
in deliberately crafted dis-attachment to, The Greater Good. 

Undoubtedly, the events which transpired following The Declaration
of May 24, 2008, Year of  Our Lord, both confirm and establish,
an even greater indictment.

Although America, now immersed in its sinisterly contrived and advocated
Faithlessness would face events after May 24, 2008, Year of Our Lord,
unlike ever before in its history, the politicians, along with the Print and Broadcast
Media devotedly served "Corporate America" like loyal and well-experienced
prostitutes.  Despite, epic (and in some cases historic) Economic and Natural
disasters, coupled with seemingly endless horrific deeds of violence,
"news providers" became either suspiciously reticent, or carefully revisionist.
Yet, consistently, albeit subtly, negative in matters concerning Religion or
Faith.  Thus, clearly exposing, however unwittingly, their permanent commitment to Untruth, within a Confederacy of Evil.

Incredulously, despite the severe and ever-increasing hardships placed upon
the citizens of America, the Confederacy of Evil, consisting of  "Corporate
America", its subservient politicians, and the Print and Broadcast Media,
arrogantly and ignorantly maintain a mockingly unrepentant and irreverent
stance, before Supreme God.

"Yahweh thwarts the plans of nations, frustrates the intentions of Peoples;
  but Yahweh's plans hold good for ever, the intentions of his heart from age to age
  Happy the nation whose God is Yahweh, the people he has chosen for his heritage"
  (Psalm 33)

I, Prince Michael of The House of David, with loyalty to only The True and
Living God, Jesus The Christ, The Holy Spirit, and The Church, declare
terminal War, upon the powers-that-be, both seen and unseen, in America.
Further to include, all allies and accomplices, both seen and unseen

Greater woes, without exception, upon all enemies, seen and unseen,
of  The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, The God of America

Greater woes, without exception, upon all enemies, seen and unseen,
of  The Son of  The True and Living God, Jesus The Christ

Greater woes, without exception, upon all enemies, seen and unseen,
of chosen Israel and The House of David

Brothers and Sisters:  This is not a call to arms, this is not a call to arms,
THIS IS NOT A CALL TO ARMS.  This is a call, to greater Prayer,
Unity, and Truth.  ALL, in the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy
Spirit.  Wear, share, and present your Faith, as  The Light, in Darkness!

Signed, May 21, 2009, Year of Our Lord, by His Prince Michael of
The House of David



















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