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The Declaration of 2008
The Declaration of 2008

The Declaration of 2008

     Upon, the Truth and Spirit of Supreme God,
    our Founding Fathers laid creation to The United
    States of America.  A nation, divinely inspired
    and thus, without question, established under
    Judeo-Christian Principles.
    Hence, by the hand of The True and Living God,
    faithful and dedicated Peoples would transform
    a naturally magnificent, and often perilous land,
    into a Great Country.  While rejecting foreign
    oppression, dependence, and influence, profound
    challenges would be met and divisive forces would
    be defeated by leaders, who in their great wisdom
    would recall, invoke the name of, and ultimately
    serve, Supreme God.
    All the while, most citizenry of the promising new
    nation, who'd endured and overcame the great
    brunt of vast adversity, would not only bow and
    worship, but, also strive to live in-accordance
    with their benevolent and mighty Creator.
    Rightfully, the ever-present voices of godless
    and self-serving discord, were given the consideration
    much-akin to dogs barking at a powerful, moving
    train, engineered by, The Almighty Himself.
    Although, at the beginning of the 20th Century,
    the deep injustices faced by many still existed,
    the long, arduous path towards a national-righteousness
    was embarked upon.  In a time-span unlike ever
    before in History, The United States of America with
    its increasing economic-power, widening World influence,
    and apparently endless blessings, soon became the
    envy of many other nations.  Indeed, baring an
    undeniable resemblance to, The Land of Milk
    and Honey.
    The precise date, on which the greatly blessed America
    would first betray The True and Living God, is not
    known to Man.   Yet, please believe, April 20, 1914,
    marks a pivotal point.  On that date, in Ludlow,
    Colorado, the National Guard murdered twenty
    striking miners.  America, in an effort to support and
    appease the biggest businessman in the country at
    the time, turned its guns on the nations greatest
    natural resource:  The People.
    This act of self-treason, against  Almighty God,
    symbolized a new covenant that most
    officials, with few exception, would abide by, in the
    20th and 21st centuries.  With a complete disregard
    for moral consequence, much less Human Toll,
    America, led by its politicians posing as leaders
    and self-serving businessman, has time and time
    again, forsaken all that is good and just, to serve
    a monsterous, out-of-control, form of Capitalism,
    its own Golden Calf.  To this day, like that April
    day in 1914, above all, America serves its new god.
    I, Prince Michael, heir to the House of
   David, with allegiance to only The True
   and Living Yahweh, The Christ Yeshua, The
   Holy Spirit, and The Church, hereby declare
   War upon the powers-that-be, both seen
   and unseen, in America.
    Woe, to all who have advocated a culture of Death!
    They, who have sacrificed fifty-million unborn
    children to placate and ultimately further the agenda
    of the Golden Calf, and those, who impose a penalty
    of death, to satisfy the blood-lust of financially
    prosperous benefactors.
    Woe, to politicians at all levels, who disguise themselves
    as leaders!  With few exception, they are like educated
    prostitutes, championing the cause of all perversities,
    surrendering the morals and strengths of a nation,
    while gaining riches for themselves.  Performing for
    lobbyists and special-interests groups, the pox upon
    Democracy, and laying-down for the highest-bidder
    native, or foreigner advocating strange gods, and
    those who defile natural law, in the name of Freedom.
    They create never-ending debt to godless nations,
    above all, in servitude to the Golden Calf.
    Woe, to the Money-changers!  With few exception,
    they've built private fortunes and opulent tall office
    buildings, monuments to well-schemed foreclosures
    and snares carefully laid for the ill-informed.
    The Federal Reserve System, largely entrusted to the
    sons of chosen Israel, they're partners with Malfeasance
    and Corruption.  Bow, to the Golden Calf, bastard children!
    Woe, to the self-described and self-appointed
    Corporate America! With few exception, upon the toil
    of the poor and oppressed they create empires devoted
    to their god, the Golden Calf.  Injustice and Heartlessness
    are their true characteristics they disguise with
    grandiose, self-promoting acts of pseudo-Charity.
    Covertly, you buy politicians, laws, and public-influence.
    Their boardrooms are restricted to most, while they
    espouse their great lie of, Diversity.  They employ
    dirty, grossly unfair tactics to their advantage, while
    routinely bilking the intellectual-property of those
    without recourse.  They are an affront to true
    Woe, to manufacturers of arms, large and small!
    With few exceptions, they cover their greed with
     the U.S. Constitution.  In service to only the
    Golden Calf, they market fear, while filling our
    streets with rivers of blood.  Strengthening foreign
    countries that serve false gods, is their favorite
    transaction.  The blood of our sons and daughters,
    past and present, soaks their hands.
    Woe, to Judges and Lawyers!  With few exception,
    who create and impose laws to oppress, and extort
    from, the poor.  Hypocrites, who routinely buy and sell
    the circumvention of Justice.  Courtrooms, at all levels,
    reduced to a over-priced theatrical show, where the
    oppressed and the greater-good, are always cast as
    mere pawns.  Laws designed, above all to satisfy the
    greed of private-industry.  Bow, Robed bastards,
    to your Golden Calf!
    Woe, to the Print and Broadcast Media!
    With few exception, they manipulate the Masses
    using half-truths, propaganda, and perversity to
    ultimately serve, the Golden Calf.  Hiding behind
    the U.S. Constitution, while they censor Truth and
    Righteousness, in collusion with hidden powers.
    They covertly advocate special-interest groups and
    political agendas, leading to oppression upon
    oppression!  Madison Ave., is their truly sacred ground.
    Woe, to the Sons and Daughters of Sodom and
    Gomorrah!  Unsatisfied by the forgiving tolerance of
    abominations committed in private, they cunningly
    promote, advocate, and expose their chosen unspeakable
    decadance to school-children.  They buy and defend
    a filthy re-definition of, a family.  Defiling all segments
    of Society with violations of Nature, no blasphemy is
    too foul for them and their prostitute, Mass Media.
    In fear of their only god, the Golden Calf, many
    support them.  They openly mock their Creator,
    unrepentantly waving a flag, only advancing their
    Divine recompense!
    Woe, to the self-appointed and incorrectly-named
    Civil-Rights groups and Social-activists!  With few
    exceptions, like an unfit and unworthy sheperd,
    they focus upon the needs and cares of one, and
    damn the flock.  Covertly, they collude with the
    followers of the Golden Calf, for their own private
    wealth.   Another, while in defiance of the Creator,
    has worked tirelessly to place Women, not equal,
    but above, Man.  Advocating the dissolution of
    families, and secretly promoting the emasculation
    of America, in hidden collusion with perverse advocates,
    that mock and disdain Motherhood.  They and their
    political allies, in-service to the Golden Calf.
    To my Sisters and Brothers-in- Christ, this is not
     a call-to-arms, this is not a call-to-arms, THIS
    IS NOT A CALL TO ARMS!  This, in the name of
    The True and Living God, is a call to action.
    I humbly beseech all, to faithful and diligent
    Prayer, Unity, and Truth, in all aspects of your
    lives and Society.  Wear, present, share, and LIVE
    The Cross of Salvation, boldy.  The enemies of
    The God of America, The True and Living God, have
    been served noticed:  His Victory, is at Hand!
    Signed, this day, May 24, 2008 Year of Our Lord
    by His Royal Highness Prince Michael of The House of David

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