• MARTINIAMINC  facilities support and enhance all aspects of the educational programs and the support service for students learning.
  • MARTINIAMINC facilities must meet all the applicable federal and state laws and are in compliance with local fire, health, and safety regulations.
  • Equipment is adequate, properly maintained, cataloged, and replaced when appropriate.
  • A plan and adequately funded program of building and site management ensures that the appropriate maintenance, repair, and cleanliness of the school facilities.   
  • There is a ongoing planning to address future programs, enrollment changes, staffing, facility, and technology needs as well as capital improvements.
  • Facility and building administrators have active involvement in the budgetary process, including its development and implementation, where applicable.
  • The school have finance resources to provide services to students to meet the state purposes of the school and to provide the educational program to the students.


  • Proper budgetary procedures and generally accepted accounting principle are followed for all school fund.
  • The school's accounts are independently audited annually.


  • The total cost for a course of instruction, including all textbooks, and instructional services, is made known to the student at the time of their application.
  • Terms of tuition and/or fees payment are clearly spelled out in the application, where applicable.
  • Any advertising and promotional literature  clearly states the purpose of the school's program instruction.
  • None of the school's advertising and promotional literature is offensive or negative toward other schools or educational agencies.

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