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Welcome to Dr. Poobalan's Homeopathic Clinic 

Dr. P. Poobalan
                                                  B.Sc. (London), BHMS, MD. (Homeopathy) India,                                                      Phd (Warnborough College), Oxford.
 MHMC (Malaysia), HMA (United Kingdom)

Homeopathy Consultant
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          Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday                                                   9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.                                                          Tuesday and Thursday                                                           9.00 a.m. to 07.30 p.m.                                                        Lunch 1.00 p.m to 2.00 p.m.                                           Public Holiday  9.00 a.m to 1 p.m.                      Sunday Closed.


Dr. Poobalan's experience in homeopathy

Dr.Poobalan is a homeopath and established since year 2000 with flourishing homeopathic clinical practice in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. 

He has completed BHMS and a MD in (Homeopathy) in India and also his Phd at Warnborough College, Oxford. He has also received the Health Excellence Award during the International Conference on Health Sciences & Alternative Medicines in Calcutta, India. Dr. Poobalan is a member of Homeopathic Medical Association, United Kingdom and Member of Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Council, Malaysia. 

First of all, he is grateful for the gift of homeopathy which enables him to make positive changes in so many people’s lives on a daily basis.  He has treated many thousands of patients and his proud moments are ongoing, each time a patient comes back and tells him that they cannot believe how good they feel and how much improvement a little white pill has made in their general well being. Homeopathic medicines stand at the forefront of modern medical care.

Dr.Poobalan treat's acute and chronic cases and he is widely exposed to modern homeopathy. Treatment by Dr. Poobalan is better experienced than explained. He maintains that ‘health is our birthright’.


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Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine established in 1796 by  Dr.Samuel Hahnemann. Dr. Hahnemann found that medicine could be used to stimulate healing by applying the principle of “like cures like” in very specific ways. He would give the patient the medicine that would gently nudge their system in the direction of the “disease”, reproducing the same symptoms in a mild form. He found this to be a very effective way to stimulate their natural defences’. It is almost as if the patient’s defences cannot distinguish between the natural disease and what the similar substance is doing. Thus, homeopaths fine-tune the use of medicines to enhance the patient’s own attempts to overcome the disease.

In summary,

Homeopathy is a practice of medicine where the patient is treated with highly diluted substances, usually in globules form. These globules are supposed to trigger one’s body’ natural system of healing.

Based on their specific symptoms, a homeopath will offer the best medicine to each patient.


Welcome to Health & You


How are you, are you healthy and how healthy are you?

When it comes to your HEALTH, it’s important to be your own biggest advocate. This means not only taking the important steps to promote wellness in your life – but it also means listening to your body. In most instances, when your body is in trouble with toxicity, it sends off warning signals to you.

When our bodies become “toxic,” the waste from normal human metabolism, environmental pollution, and what has become known to have exceeded the threshold for what the body’s innate detoxification system can tolerate on its own. With this toxic load, every system in the human body can become affected. From our head to our toes and everything in between, toxicity makes us sick

Before it deteriorate your health, consult a doctor for further advice. Homeopathic remedies are very effectives and beneficial in the treatments that can help you. 



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Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which our body’s use of food for production of energy is affected. Most of the food we eat is carbohydrates, and this is broken down by the digestive juices into a simple sugar called glucose. Glucose is the main source of energy for the body. After digestion, the glucose passes into our bloodstream where it is available for body cells to use for growth and energy. Insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas, facilitates the entry of glucose into our cells. When we eat, the pancreas is supposed to produce the right amount of insulin to move the glucose from our blood into our cells. In diabetics, the pancreas either produces little or no insulin, or the body cells do not respond to the insulin that is produced. Due to this, glucose levels rise in the blood, floods into the urine and passes out of the body, making the body lose its main source of fuel.

Homeopathy medicines are used by us effectively in the treatment of all the stages of the diseases. Often, patients come to us already under insulin replacement. In such cases we advise the continuance of the replacement while starting them off on our medicines. After some months, when we see a consistent control over the blood sugar levels, we change over the conventional replacement therapy.

Homeopathic remedies are very beneficial in the treatment of diabetes.



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Gallstones are hard deposits of cholesterol, bile salts and bilirubin in your gall bladder.The medical term for gallstones is cholelithiasis.

A sudden pain in the upper right part or the centre of abdomen indicates the presence of gallstones. The right shoulder can hurt too. Gallstones are hard deposits of digestive fluid that can form in the gallbladder. Gallbladder is a small organ on the right side of the abdomen with digestive fluid called bile that’s released into the small intestine. Gallstones can vary in size.

Homeopathy provides a wide range of efficient medicines to treat gall stones. The Homeopathic remedies for gall stones are made of natural substances and have no side effects. The best Homeopathic remedy for the patient is prescribed after taking note of the gall stone symptoms in each individual.


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Once upon a time heart diseases are very rare to the youngsters but now very common. This happens to people from 40-50 years age. Only at this age the people holds the responsibility in the society and the family. The hyper tension, mental stress at this age leads to heart attack.

How Heart Attack Occurs?

When the muscles of heart don’t get blood then there will be pressure and pain in the heart. When the blood vessels are blocked by cholesterol, then there will be contraction in the blood vessels and the blood path will be narrowed down. When the blood vessels contract and the cholesterol deposited to the whole length the blood vessel’s inner wall becomes thick.

Heart Attack Prevention (Homeopathy)

The heart is the motor that keeps the blood in motion throughout all the blood vessels in the body. Any blockage of the coronary arteries can deprive the heart muscle with the necessary oxygen and blood it needs for proper function.

A heart attack, medically known as myocardial infarction, is the death of an area of heart muscle caused by the blockage of a coronary vessel. This obstruction of blood flow through one of the branches of the coronary artery is commonly caused by a rupture of an atherosclerotic plaque. Blood flow may be so severely diminished, or totally occluded that a portion of the heart muscle dies.

The most typical symptom of a heart attack is chest pain (angina pectoris) that may radiate to the left arm, neck, and jaw. Other symptoms may include shortness of breath, heat in the chest, anxiety, light headedness, or loss of consciousness.

Homeopathic medicines plays very effective role in most cases of heart problems.



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Chronic kidney disease is a slow and progressive loss of kidney function over a period of several years. Eventually, the patient has permanent kidney failure.

Kidney diseases are silent killers. Kidney disease often goes undetected because symptoms may not appear until the organs are actually failing. Early detection and prevention is the best option to manage the kidney disease. It is important to identify kidney disease in early stage.

Early stage detection can prevent from kidney disease but once the kidneys fail completely, the treatment options are limited to dialysis or kidney replacement by transplantation.

Causes of Chronic Renal Failure                                                                                                           The most common causes of CKD are diabetic nephropathy, hypertention, renal parenchymal and some other chemical inflammations.                                                                                                                                           Homeopathy follows an individualistic approach  towards patients suffering from chronic renal failure. If homeopathic treatment is sought early it helps in preventing the progress of disease and preventing any complications.

How does Kidney Function Measured?

Kidney function is measured by a blood test called “creatinine.” Creatinine is actually a waste products. The creatinine value increases if kidney function is decreased. There are other causes of elevated creatinine, which the doctor need to discuss with the patient. The kidney is measure the function of the Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR.). The stages of kidney disease are divided according to GFR, with Stage 1 is normal or good and Stage 5 the worst or bad.

Note: Normal range of creatinine and urea level:

Creatinine for male 62 – 106 umol/L and for female 44 –  80  umol/L                                                                        Urea normal range from 1.7 - 8.5

If you found any reading either creatinine or urea more than the range, please seek for doctor's advice immediately.   

Ref. 01/03/17.  S. Umar, renal test dated: 15/11/2016 Renal failure patient Creatinine 899 umol/L and Urea 35.2 mmol/L. After medication on 02/02/17 Creatinine reading 317 umol/L and Urea 5.2 mmol.L. Latest result on 24/02/17 Creatinine  282 umol/L and Urea 4.2 mmol/L

There are many patients under going kidney problems which can lead to kidney failure. Kidney failure is a end stage renal disease (ESRD). However, Dr. Poobalan (MD), is specialising in preventing this from happening through with the use of homeopathic medicines known to reduce the risk of kidney failure.

If you are suffering from kidney problems, homeopathic remedies are very beneficial in the treatments that can help you. 


A whitish discharge from the vagina is also known as Leucorrhea and mostly get during the reproductive cycle. Hormonal changes, diabetes and anemia usually cause Leucorrhea and also many other reasons.  The symptoms to take note of along with the vaginal discharge are itching and redness in the vaginal area.

Homeopathic remedies are very beneficial in the treatment of Leucorrhea.  


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Homeopathic medicines for obesity (Phytolacca Americana) contains the internationally acknowledged natural ingredients that counters the corpolence/obesity by increasing the metabolic rate and of course these lose the weight, gives you shape and ensures smartness and beauty.

Everyone around you thinks that being fat is bad, so you believe that because you’re over weight, start Homeopathic medicines today and get your fat away.

Homeopathic medicine for weight loss is being abundantly used and has shown promising results on several fronts.

But remember homeopathy isn’t a magic cure. One needs proper diet and exercise regimen in place along with the medications to achieve desired weight loss goal.


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Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled cavities within the ovary that may develop as part of the follicle which forms monthly with the developing egg, After ovulation the follicle becomes a corpus luteum which makes progesterone. Either a follicle or a corpus luteum can form a cyst (follicular or corpus luteum cysts). There also are benign (non-cancerous) and rarely (cancerous) cysts which can form in the ovary.

Recommended food to avoid: Sugar

If you suffer from ovarian cysts, there are homeopathic treatments that might help you.



Paralysis or palsy, complete lost or impairment of the ability to use voluntary muscles, as a result of a disorder of the nervous system. The nervous tissue that is injured may be in the brain, the spinal cord or in the muscle. The cause of paralysis may be any injury, that tears or compresses the nerves. It may be hemorrage, tumor or infections or substances toxic to nerves tissue. One of the most frequent cause of paralysis is stroke.

Homeopathy medicines can be administered to improve the state of paralysis, improve the blood circulation, help control lost of power, improve power of muscle and improve overall health of the patient.



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Hemorrhoids also called “piles”, are troublesome varicose veins in the rectal and anal region, which can lead to protrusion, pain, and bleeding after bowel movements. Constipation, overeating, and inadequate exercise may contribute to the problem.

Homeopathic remedies can offer gentle, safe relief. A constitutional homeopathic remedy chosen by an experienced practitioner often helps a person overcome the tendency toward hemorrhoids.



All pregnant mother's MUST read this article.

Now It’s baby time                                                                                                                   

Homeopathic Treatment for Mother and Infant

Homeopathy is a proven safe medicine during pregnancy and labor. It works very well and is remarkably effective for many symptoms and conditions that arise. Safe for pregnant moms, for newborn babies. 

Let me guide you through this exciting time from start to finish with homeopathic medicines for every stage of pregnancy and labour. Homeopathy have specific remedies for each stage of pregnancy. 

Homeopathic medicines indicated for prevents miscarriage, relieves labour pain and promoting easy delivery (if taken during the entire pregnancy).



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Men over fifties often experience swelling of the prostate gland and frequent urination.

An enlarged prostate is problematic because it presses on the urethra, creating difficulties with urination and weakening the bladder. Some of the symptoms of prostate problems include:

Difficulty in urinating, very frequent urination, difficulty in starting urination, an inability to empty the bladder, a dribble of urine despite the urgent need to urinate, a burning sensation when urinating  

In conventional medicine, surgery is often recommended and can be effective. However, surgical treatment at times can result in incontinence and sexual dysfunction and other age-related complications.

For these reasons, homeopathic practitioners attempt to avoid such surgery whenever possible. The correct homoeopathic remedy can reverse the symptoms of prostate enlargement, restoring the state of health without the need for surgical intervention. 



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Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin disease, that causes rapid skin cell reproduction resulting in red, patches of thickened skin. The cause is unknown and it responds to homeopathic treatment.                                                                                                                        Homeopathy follows an individoalistic approach towards patients suffering from psoriasis. Homeopathic medicines if taken under a proper guidance from a well qualified doctor, it is extremely very safe and have no side - effects. The treatment is lengthy and requires patience. 



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Waking up with a headache, and on top of it a blocked nose is a rough start to the day. If this becomes a routine occurrence and even the face hurts with general heaviness in the head, it’s a medical condition called Sinusitis. Sinuses are air-filled cavities within the skull bone. These hollow spaces in the skull are situated in cheek bones, forehead, behind the bridge of the nose and between the eyes. Another set is situated in the upper region of the nose and behind the eyes. 

Homeopathy medicines can be administered to improve the state of sinus.



brain stroke: Illustration of a Blood Clot concept in the brain on a white background

What is a Stroke?

A stroke happens when blood flow to a part of the brain stops. A stroke is sometimes called a “brain attack” and medically it is often referred to as a cerebro-vascular accident (CVA).If blood flow is stopped for longer than a few seconds, the brain cannot get blood and oxygen. Brain cells can die, causing permanent damage.

A sudden loss of consciousness resulting when the rupture or occlusion of a blood vessel leads to oxygen lack in the brain. A sudden effusion of blood into any organ or tissue can also be termed stroke.

Strokes are usually classified as Ischemic stroke or Hemorrhagic stroke. In an ischemic stroke, blood supply to part of the brain is decreased, leading to dysfunction of the brain tissue in that area. Hemorrhagic stroke results from a Intracranial hemorrhage, which is the accumulation of blood anywhere within the skull.

Signs and Symptoms of Stroke

The symptoms depend on the area of the brain affected. The more extensive the area of brain affected, the more functions that are likely to be lost.



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Fibroids are tumors of muscle lining the wall of uterus (worm).They are also known as "myoma" or muscle tumors. Fibroids are almost always benign (not cancerous) and can be solitary or multiple. They vary in size and only in unusual cases become vary large. Fibroids are most common in women between ages 40-50years and may be domant without any symptoms or may cause excessive bleedind and pressure symptomsleading to frequent urination and rectal pressure.

Homeopathic treatment for fibroids uterus acts very effective.


Homeopathy treats both acute and chronic  illnesses: 

Abscess, Acne Rosacea, Addisons disease, Allergy, Alopecia (Baldness), Alzheimer's disease, Amenorrhea, Ankylosing spondylosis, Arthritis - Gout, Asthma, Autism, Backaches-Lumbago,  Bed wetting, Bells Palsy, Bipolar Mood Disorder, Blisters, Blood pressure, (High/Low) Bronchitis, Calcaneal Spur, Cataract,  Chyluria, Cirrhosis of liver, Conjunctivitis,  Constipation,  Corns, Crohn`s Disease,  Cough, Cysts,  Dandruff, Diarrhoea,  Diabetes, DVT, Ear Infection,  Eczema, Endometriosis, Epilepsy, Fatty liver, Hay Fever, Freckles, Gall stones, Gastritis, Goitre, Gout, Glaucoma, Heart Diseases, Hernia, Herpes Zoster (Shingles), Hypertension, IBS, Impotency, Infertility, Keloids Kidney & Bile stones, Lichen Planus, Menopause, Migraine, Myopia, Piles, Nephrotic Syndrome, Oedema (Swelling), Paralysis, Photophobia, Pigmentation, (PCOD) Polycystic Ovarian cysts, Piles, PMS, Polymyositis, Pneumonia, Prostate gland problems, Psoriasis, Rheumatism Arthritis, Schizophrenia, Sinusitis, Skin diseases, Tetanus, Tinnitus, Tonsillitis, Thalassemia, (UTI) Urinary Tract Infection,  Woman's diseases, Vitiligo/ Leucoderma,  Urticaria,  Sciatica,  Stammering,  Slipped Disc,  Spondylitis, Sport Injuries,  Urine problems,  Tumours, Uterine Fibroids, Varicose Veins,  Vision, Warts,   Weakness, Worms, Wounds.  Woman

Homeopathy Can Avoid Surgery 

Homeopathy is not against surgery. Surgery is an art and science by itself. Surgery is called forth in the conditions where medicines have limited or no role, and where surgical aid, operation can cure or improve the condition. There are number of diseases which are labeled as 'surgical', where homeopathy works curatively and can avoid surgery. Some such ailments are: Septic recurrent Tonsillitis, Piles, Kidney & Biliary (small) stones, small size Uterine Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts, Warts, Corns, etc. Weakness, Worms, Wounds.

Homeopathy is Ideal for Infants & Children