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                                            Barrys Scientific Based Products is now located at






                                       I have created some  links that show some of my Copyrighted work. They are found below in the Page Link section these are Motherboard Designs that were written over five years ago. I have also created a PayPal donation button below if you wish to make a donation.


                                       Barrys Scientific Based Products full product line has IT Software, Hardware, MotherBoard, Network Topology Designs and Cryptograhic Models. I have created a short youtube presentation to advertise some my products and obtain some views and subscribers




 8192 Bit System Architecture
 8192 System Architecture Motherboard Design
 Model Super Sonic 12 Motherboard-Design and 12288 Bit Architecture
 Model Super Sonic 24 Motherboard Design and Private Public Bios
 Model Super Sonic 34 Motherboard-Design