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STEP 1-Get a Form Filler:
If You Don't Have a Good Form Filler, you will need one to quickly register at each program.I use Roboform-Roboform is the top-rated Password Manager and Web Form Filler that completely automates password entering and form filling.Get it Free Here
STEP 2-Get a free email -Use a large free email account set aside just for Paid to Read Emails.I use Excite Email- Your 125 MB Email Upgrade Is Here! We've just made your Excite Email account bigger - MUCH BIGGER! We've upgraded your current 3MB email account to allow up to 125MB of storage - for FREE! email size limit to a whopping 10MB. Now you can attach larger files, documents, whatever you want. 125MB of Storage Space! 10MB message size 100% FREE click Here
STEP 3--If you don't have PayPal, get it here. You'll need it to get paid faster AND with a lower minimum payout! FREE
STEP 4-signup for all the programs FREE Here are the Top Paying Paid To Read Emails Companies:(go down the list and sign up FREE for each one.)
1. ProPaidEmail-Just for joining you get $50 instantly deposited into your account!
2. Cash Money Email--They will give you $10 just to join up.
3. E-Mail Pays U- Join today and you will receive $10 sign-up bonus instantly added to your account! You tell us what your interests are and we will pay you to read e-mail advertisements.
4. InboxDollars-get $5.00 to join,InboxDollars gives you the opportunity to earn some extra CASH. Become a Member and you earn CASH by Reading E-Mail, Referring Your Friends, Playing Games, Completing Offers, and more! IT'S EASY, AND BEST OF ALL - IT'S FUN!
5. Cash Money Email-Join today and receive a FREE $10 start-up bonus!You earn money for receiving and reading email advertisements we send you. Cash Money Email sends to two types of paid to read email advertisements. Our standard paid to read email advertisements pay our subscribers $.02 per email read. The 2nd type of paid email advertisement is called a point email ad. Subscribers earn points for reading these selected email advertisements. The points are totaled, assigned a value and exchanged for cash value at the end of each month.
6. SurfBounty-Highest Paying Reward Site-Sign up now and get $5 Instant Bonus,Read Emails and Visit Sites,get Paid for Your Efforts!
7. SendEarnings - Join and receive $5 instantly,Earn 1 to 10 cents for every email you read,Earn up to $1000 for taking online surveys.
8. SnapDollars-You get $5.00 to join, emails pay 5cents and up! 9. TikTikCash-get $5.00 to join,TikTikCash gives you the opportunity to earn some serious CA$H. Take surveys, signup for trials and services, join clubs and sample products, go shopping at branded stores and get paid for it all. There are over $2500 in offers!
***If You want a convenient place to Keep up with your Programs:
You May Use Free Website to get for Referrals to Your Programs:
NOTE***When You Go to REGISTER ID'S Page, ignore the old programs listed there and paste in your referral links from the above programs! Try out my programs page and you'll see that I updated it with the new fresh programs listed above! SOOOO the names don't match- no problem, just let the folks wanting to join Know so they will understand! Confused?Just Join FREE and get your free self replicating site to keep up with your Paid to Read Email Programs and so that you can easily refer others and make $$$$$ referring your Pals. SIGN UP FREE 

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